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Jagan is an IIT Kharagpur alumnus and have 15+ years of experience working in corporate. He is ISSA Certified Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer.Being in a sedentary corporate job coupled with poor eating habits, he was weighing almost 83 kg with close to 30% body fat. He tried different weight loss programs but could not sustain them. With FUME Bellyfat Shredding system, within 6 months he was able to lose 17 kgs and 18% body fat.He has been able to reverse 10 + years of life in the process.
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Uma is an NIT Kurukshetra alumnus and has 10+ years of experience in health and wellness industry. She is an Enterpreneur and mother of two kids.She had accumulated lot of fat post-pregnancy and was weighing around 73 kgs.She had tried a lot of traditional weight management programs involving low-calorie diets and hectic exercises. But she could not get any result. With FUME Bellyfat Shredding system, within 6 months he was able to lose 19 kgs and 15% body fat.She is able to reverse her age and has transformed into a smart lady. Our mission is to help 100,000 people lose belly fat and look younger


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